Whether it is your first time selling your property or you have prior experience a few things that prove handy are:

  • Making small improvements to elevate the cost of the property.
  • Using effective techniques to market the best features of the property.
  • Setting the correct price for the property.

The sequence of steps to follow to successfully sell your property is

1. Choose a real estate agent of your choice

The decision of choosing the right agent should never be rushed as this is the most critical one. Make sure that the agent you choose has experience in negotiation and in the property market.

The main points to consider when making your choice are:

1. The agent understands the local market and trends

2. The agent’s marketing techniques and suggestions are current and beneficial to your situation

3. The agent’s negotiation style is good and efficient

4. The agent has good testimonials from happy clients

5. The comfort level you share with your agent is important as you are going to share a good amount of time during the selling process

6. Trust your instincts on choosing an honest and sincere agent

2. List and market your property

Listing your property is the first step in selling your house. The three things to consider before you list your property are:

1. Listing price of the property and sale price expectation

2. Whether you wish to sell at an Auction or property treaty

3. Marketing campaign that you wish to implement

Appraisal Form

    Property Details


    The selling price depends on the collective interest from the buyers. Potential buyers form their own opinion of the value of a property based on the information available to them, help from an experienced agent will assist you in achieving the best price possible. Property location, property condition (whether repair work is required before a potential buyer can move in) and amenities available on the property are the main factors that determine property value.

    Once the value of the property is established with your agent you must determine whether you will go ahead with a fixed price strategy, price range strategy or no price strategy. Along with impact on negotiation power, legal factors affect your pricing strategy decision too.

    Method of sale

    You can sell your property either through auction or a private treaty. Your real estate agent will advise which method suits your situation best. Auctions are designed to attract a huge range of potential buyers which creates competition for your property, but you also need to consider the costs associated with intensive promotional campaign required before an auction. In case you decide to sell through private treaty it usually involves a fixed price or price range. Public tender is another form where interested parties send tenders before a fixed closing date.


    The responsibility for promoting your property lies in the hands of your agent, the more competition that is generated through the promotions the better the price that you can expect. Each agent implements a different marketing campaign and so it is important you choose your agent based on a clear understanding of the kind of plan they intend to implement.

    3. Appoint the agent through a Listing Agreement

    A listing agreement is a fixed term contract between the seller and the real estate agent to allow the agent to offer the property for sale, the contract will contain all the instructions from the seller to the agent

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